360 Africa

An initiative for Africa

360 Africa marks the beginning of a new era in the perspective on Africa.

With social business concepts we implement solutions for a sustainable future of the continent and support the realisation of the UN development goals (SDGs)

We collect and communicate innovative concepts and projects.

Our Projects


Digital Farming
& Remote Sensing

The analysis of satellite images is the key to effective agriculture in times of climate change.


Drones for Farming
& Drones for Prevention

We've developed very cost effective drones with different sensors and cameras for planning and disaster response.


Water Projects

One of the UN's most important goals is to provide everyone with clean drinking water. With our filter stations we are getting closer to this goal.



Especially when you face only a few good roads in a country, a fast e-fatbike can be the best solution, as well for ambulance use.


Bricks Without Burning
& Road Construction

Pollution by burning bricks and boiling water is tremendous in Africa. We aim for cost and CO2 saving solutions.


Soil Treatment
& Water Saving

In times of climate change we have to support soil to stay healthy. Also we have to focus on water saving solutions.


Farming for the Future

Example: Sustainable Pig Farming


Food Forest

Water filtration in Moringa - superfood production

360° for Africa


360 Africa is used as a communication platform to exchange sustainable solutions. We want to bring interdisciplinary teams together.

In each case we design holistic approaches from innovative concepts to technical solutions on site.

All solution approaches are scalable on a national and international level.

Further ideas and discussions about cooperations and our social impact business plans are welcome.

Our Partners

Our initiative cooperates with the following partners:


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